Wednesday, 11 December 2013

OOTD: Winter Fur

Ohhhh fur (faux, naturally) you can't go wrong with a good jacket which will see you through winter. This jacket is oohhh sooo soft and cosy! It's ideal for the stormy winter weather here in the UK. There is also a hood attached, which I forgot to take a proper photo of but you can get an idea of what it looks like from the photos :)

I've teamed it with a blue jumper which has white layer attached to look like a shirt. This is just long enough to cover my behind and is not fitted. After looking at the size measurements given on the website, I ordered a size small (the jumper is labelled a medium but this is for Asian size). The website does go into detail with the measurements, so you should be able to order an accurate size. The material is wool and chiffon, and is good quality to keep you warm.

The website is affordable and offers free shipping worldwide!



Skirt- Can find similar on or

Grey Cotton Hijab-

Faux Fur Jacker-


Teeka/Necklace- Bubblegum Hijab

Leopard Print Flats- Primark

*Jacket +jumper, teeka were sent for review purposes

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

New Kiko Store- Regents Street, London

Although I've heard lots about Kiko (especially from frootibeauty!) I've yet to try their makeup, so I was excited to attend the launch for their new store in Regents St, London. They already have stores in both London Westfields but the Regents one is HUGE. It is literally like a candy shop, you could spend hours browsing and swatching!

Spread out over two floors, it offers a variety of skincare and makeup, from lipsticks and eyeliner to face cleansers.

Select your palette size and the eyeshadows

Tweezers- these are pointed sharp tweezers ideal for those stray, hard to reach hairs.

Glass Nail File- I am awful at looking after my nails so decided to get this pretty little thing that I can carry around in my handbag to force gently encourage myself to take better care of my nails!

Perfect Eye Duo Highlighter Pencil- I am currently using to highlight the inner corner of my eye and my inner waterline, for a 'wide awake' look.

Eyebrow Marker- This is a bold, dark colour so I apply only onto the outer corners of my brows.

Face Makeup Fixer- I've had my eye on make up setters before but as yet never tried. This is almost like hair spray. I have used only once but it seems almost 'chemically' and I feel like I'm sniffing a whole lot of stuff when sprayed on. I will have to continue to use before writing up a blog post.

We received an eyeshadow palette with the shadows already selected for us. I think they chose a great selection with a few neutral shades and colours that will work well together for a daytime-evening look. 

I will be swatching the eyeshadows in a post this week :)

Have you visited the new Kiko store?

You can find the store:
Regent Street 262/264
W1B 3AQ, London

Glamour Lace Outfit of the Day

This is an outfit I wore out during the day to my aunt's house. It can also be worn as an evening look and glammed up as much as you fancy with accessories and plenty of jewels. I decided to add a pop of colour with the bright blue heels and add a belt to the top to break it up and highlight my waist.

The website gives clear measurements so you are able to decide on the best size for you. I decided to order a medium as there wasn't much difference in the measurements, and I wanted a comfortable fit. If you are a UK size 8 I would recommend to order the medium. It has lining on the front but the sleeves are not fully lined so I have worn a long sleeved top underneath (you can see this a lot clearer in the video I made below). The top is very reasonably priced at £9.31 and the quality is excellent! An extra bonus is the free shipping that they offer on all items-yyyayy!

It is also available in black


1) Search 'Apricot Lace Embossing Long Sleeve'- Mart of China-

2) 'Cream Shimmer Couture' Hijab-

3) Bow Belt- Primark 

4)  Heels and Skirt- H+M

*Top was sent to me for review purposes

Want to re-create the hijab style? Easy just watch this video below to see how

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Cover Redness with L'Oreal CC Cream- High SPF20!

With the craze of BB creams, CC creams are the latest 'it' product in the beauty industry. CC stands for colour corrector.  I'm not a fan of full coverage for everyday as I like makeup to look and feel natural on my skin. There's nothing worse than a thick mask of makeup!

While browsing in Boots I came across the new collection of CC creams from L'oreal. If you're not familiar with the term 'CC' is stands for Colour corrector and is the next big beauty buzz after BB creams. They include anti-redness (green) anti-fatigue (apricot) and anti-dullness (mauve).

L'oreal have changed the formula from the first time I bought mine, so I shall show you the difference below.

Old tube
Old tube-only SPF12

New tube
New tube-SPF20

Swatch partially blended

The old formula is the same as the new, only with a higher SPF.  I think it's about time too as majority of the BB/CC creams on the market are with a low SPF, which isn't on!

It comes out of the tube a green colour (which looks quite scary against your skin!) but once blended matches skin colour. This does an amazing job at not only covering redness around my nose and cheeks, but also minor imperfections. For reference I am NC30 in MAC foundation and this is a perfect colour match. A word of warning though, if you are very pale this may appear orange on you, so make sure you swatch in store before purchasing.

I have very pale arms so looks a little dark for me, but matches the colour on my face. If like me you have acne marks/pigmentation to conceal this will cover them lightly, but you will require a concealer for flawless coverage.


If you are on the look out for a base that and covers redness and will last all day, snap this up! One tube will last for at least 3 months used on a daily basis. It is ideal for medium-dark skintones and does not turn your face into an oily mess! It feels light and not like you are wearing a 'mask'.

Purchase from Boots for £9.99 for 100ml

*ALERT* Boots currently have a special offer of a Free Million carats gift box when you spend £15 or more on selected L'Oreal cosmetic*

Have you tried the CC creams from L'oreal? What are your thoughts?

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Turban Hijab Tutorial- Daytime to Night Glam

This is my latest tutorial I've uploaded onto Youtube- a turban look with neck coverage. This can be worn for the day or glammed up for the night.

Add an accessory for some glamour!

GUEST POST: Pyari Beauty's Top 5 Skincare Products

Todays post is from Aaliyah of Pyari Beauty with her top 5 skincare products :)

Top 5 Current Skincare Favourites Pyari Beauty

Hello everyone! I'm Aaliyah and I blog over at When Aalia asked to write a guest post for her blog and I jumped at the chance so here I am today sharing my top five current skincare favourites.
Garnier Simply Essentials 2 in 1 Eye Make Up Remover (£2.99) If you're looking for a good oil based eye makeup remover which doesn't sting then look no further. Out of all the drugstore oil based alternatives (Botanics, Nivea, L'Oreal) I have tried I always end up returning to this one. It's cheap as chips and always gets rid of my eye makeup without difficulty including waterproof mascara.
St Ives Invigorating Apricot Facial Scrub (£4.29) I have repurchased countless tubes of this as I really do love it. I tend to use this when my skin is feeling a bit dry and I am going to be wearing full coverage foundation (to help eliminate any annoying dry patches appearing). I also double it up as a body scrub when I'm travelling as I find it's just as effective on my body as my face.
Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Moisturiser (£3.79) I hate my skin feeling greasy or heavy after applying moisturiser and thankfully with this I don't get that feeling. It's light but moisturising at the same time. It also has a subtle scent but not the perfume kind so it doesn't leave my eyes streaming as other perfumed moisturisers do.
Origins Super Spot Remover (£14.00) I have tried many spot treatments over the years and none of them have worked so effectively like this one. You only need to apply a tiny bit on the spot and within a few hours the spot has dramatically reduced in size and within a day or two the spot is gone. I find it's easiest to apply a small amount with a cotton bud to target the spot directly.
NSpa 5 Minute Magic Mask (£6.00) I have recently reviewed this over on my blog (click here) and it's become a favourite of mine. It's a clay based mask with vitamin e beads which pop when pressed. I like to use this when my skin needs some TLC. It makes my skin feel really smooth and soft without leaving it feeling tight. This is definitely my pamper treat product.

What is your favourite skincare product?

I don't know about you but after that post I really want to try the NSpa Magic Mask! 

If you would like to write a guest post on beauty or even fashion, please leave a message below. I would love to feature (and learn about products I NEED in my life, ahem) ;)

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Casual Outfit of the Day

I've decided to write more Outfit of the Day posts as requested by you, my lovely readers :)

This is a casual outfit, something I like to wear on most days, depending on where I'm going I will add a biker jacket on top, or wrap up with a warm coat.

Belt- Hermes
Shoes- Dorothy Perkins (Old buy)
High Waist Jeans- New Look
Top- Primark
Black dress worn underneath- New Look

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Boots Haul- Una Brennan & Maybelline

I can spend hours browsing the shelves in Boots, and guess what? I did just that the other day! Honestly time flies when you're having fun! ;)

So this is what I picked up:


1) Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Concealer in shade NUDE

I've seen a lot of YouTubers rave about this product and thought why not try? I bought to use as a concealer for my under eyes, which are generally dry.

You can purchase from Maybelline:

2) MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in shade NC35

Don't get happy MAC isn't sold in Boots stores (I wish!) I bought this on a separate shopping trip. Again a lot of beauty bloggers/YouTubers recommend this product and after trying on in the MAC store I decided to purchase. I got a shade darker than what I usually am (NC30) as I have a tan at the moment. I wanted a high coverage concealer for under my eyes and more importantly to conceal acne marks/pigmentation. I've been testing it for a few days and so far it's OK-will give full review soon.

3) Una Brennan Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil

I first heard about this brand via Caroline Hirons and as it was on offer I thought it was worth a try. From first impressions the negative seems to be the lack of pump, but I will be trying for a few weeks before writing up a review.

It is currently on special offer in Boots for £7.33 (RRP £10.99)

You can purchase from Boots website:

4) Una Brennan Superfacialist Tea Flower Mattifying Moisturiser: 

The first thing I noticed with this is the smell, I can't describe it but it's foul! Although I have tried it once and I like the way it feels on my skin. Expect a review on this within a few weeks.

You can purchase from Boots website:

It is currently on special offer in Boots for £8.66 (RRP £12.99)


See me talking about these products in my haul video

Have you you tried any of the products mentioned? Thoughts?

Thursday, 7 November 2013

OOTD: Black with a Pop of Colour

This is a super quick outfit I put together with limited time! It's all black, which is a safe colour for me. I didn't want to appear gloomy and miserable (like the weather) so added a pop of colour with the red hijab, which was given to me as a gift by this very kind lady who owned a shop in Bosnia. I will be writing a blog post about my trip to Croatia and Bosnia as soon as I get time :)

Anyway back to the outfit! I was shopping with Safiyah (frooti beauty) in Forever 21, when she picked up this black sheer dress. She decided not to purchase it so I thought it rude of me not to (any excuse hey!) So thanks Saf I really like the dress and hubbie does too, which is a bonus :D

Black dress- Forever 21
Jeans- New Look
Ankle boots- New Look
Hijab- From Bosnia

NOTD: 2True Pro Sequins Glitter Nail Polish in Eva

2true have recently released a collection of glitter nail polishes and glitter dusts. The glitter collection is available in five shades. Today I'll be reviewing the shade 'Eva' which is a stunning shade of blue as you can see in the picture below!

I applied two coats but even one provides adequate coverage. For the purpose of this review I didn't apply a top coat, but found the polish to last for a couple of days without chipping. With a top coat it will last longer, although I prefer it without for a 'rustic' look. For me this provides enough glitter without looking like a disco ball! The blue shade is sophisticated and really makes a statement.

I have gotten many compliments from this colour and now have my eye on shade Naomi! With the festive season coming up these nail polishes are sure to be a hit!

This is priced at £4 and available from Superdrug stores or online

Ring is by RB Boutique. Read my review here 

Have you tried the new range from 2true or are you not a fan of glitter polishes?

*The nail polish was given to me for review, but I always provide my honest opinion

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Eid Outfit: Going Traditional

Eid Mubarak! Hope those celebrating had a good day :)

For my outfit I decided to go traditional with a royal blue suit. As soon as I tried it on I knew it was the one! It is complemented with antique gold embroidery and a velvet panel along the bottom of the dress.

It comes with matching colour trousers (or churidha?) but as they are too long for me (they always are!) I decided to stick to leggings as they are hidden under the dress anyway :)

I styled my hijab with a head candy from Princess Rockz. This particular one is sold out but there are other ones available on the website.

1st hijab style

For the evening I changed the look as I wasn't happy with the 1st one! It is the Eid Princess tutorial and I have added a headband for more glamour as I felt there was something missing from the 1st look.

2nd hijab style


Outfit-Sidhus, Green St
Hijab- Gift
Shoes- Gift
Head Candy-Princess Rockz
Headband- Forever 21

What did you wear for Eid? :)

Friday, 11 October 2013

NOTD: GOSH Glittery Matte Finish in Frosted Gold

Without Flash
With Flash

Today's NOTD is GOSH Glittery Matte Finish in 02 Frosted Gold. As the name suggest it is a matt finish with gold specks running throughout. I've applied two coats which dried quickly without smudging.

Matt glitter polishes are new to me but I quite like them! They add a little glam to my nails without looking over the top so definitely one for a night out!

Although the application is straight forward, it can be a bit of a pain to remove. Nothing major but I would recommend to soak each nail in remover for 10 seconds before swiping with a cotton pad.

I believe these will be available in Superdrug stores mid/end October

What do you think of glitter polishes? Yay or nay?

*Product received for review

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Hand Candy from RB Boutique

What girl doesn't love jewellery?? The two pieces- a ring and hand chain were sent to me for review by RB Boutique who are based online. I'm a HUGE collector of rings and have more then I would normally wear (whoops!) but there's always room for more ;)

The ring is ideal to wear for everyday or combined for evening wear. I'm a fan of blue (helloooo blue nails!) so this is perfect for me. It's adjustable at the back so will fit most sizes.

Another favourite piece of jewellery of mine is the hand chain as shown below. This is simple with no beading or jewels, so definitely one I would wear during the day for an understated look. The chain can be adjusted around the wrist to fit comfortably without moving or coming undone.

The leaf hand chain is priced at £2 and the Night Sky ring costs £3.

You can find RB Boutique on Facebook- where they currently have a special Eid offer of 25% off, valid until 13th October!

*Jewellery was sent to me for review

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